'68 Warriors This & That

KHS Alma Mater

Hail to the Green and Praise to the White

Kecoughtan High School colors so bright,

Leading us forward through bright sky or drear,

Thy guidance and teaching we'll always hold dear.

Oh, Hail to the Green and Praise to the White

Lead us in knowledge and pathways of right.

Kecoughtan High School, we'll always be true,

Upholding thy honor our whole lives through.

'68 Class Officers & Class Sponsors

Class President         Sherry Allen

Vice President           John Lown

Secretary                  Sheila Donnelly

Treasurer                  Jeannie Bennett

Chaplain                   Carolyn Gaster

Miss Ruth B. Hill

Valedictorian             J. David Richerson

     Salutatorian              John Douglas Thomas

"Keys To Victory" theme for 1967 Football Homecoming - Kecoughtan VS Yorktown

Homecoming Queen            Jeannie Bennett

Senior Attendant                  Sheila Donnelly

Senior Attendant                  Charlotte Hundley

Junior Attendant                   Linda Williams

Junior Attendant                   Anne Hundley

Sophomore Attendant          Cathy Hastings

Sophomore Attendant          Diane Kilpatrick

'68 Basketball Homecoming Court - Kecoughtan VS Denbigh

Queen                          Carolyn Gaster - Escort Teddy "Packy" Hamilton

Senior Attendant          Cathy White - Escort ?

Junior Attendant           Linda Liechti - Escort Wade Butler

Sophomore Attendant  Vicky Holland - Escort Danny DeBose

Miss KHS 1968

Carole Sue Stern - Carol presented a comedy song and dance routine to "Put On A Happy Face"

"Tom Jones" '68 Senior Play

"Love Is Blue" Theme for '68 Prom - Band "Fabulous Fugitives"

Prom King & Queen - Tom Casey & Vicki Killian