'69 Warriors This & That

KHS Alma Mater

Hail to the Green and Praise to the White

Kecoughtan High School colors so bright,

Leading us forward through bright sky or drear,

Thy guidance and teaching we'll always hold dear.

Oh, Hail to the Green and Praise to the White

Lead us in knowledge and pathways of right.

Kecoughtan High School, we'll always be true,

Upholding thy honor our whole lives through.


Class of '69 Class Motto - Rita Holdren '69             Class of '69 Class Poem - Rita Holdren '69

Like the Ocean we part,                                               Like the Ocean we entered,

New shores to find.                                                      Countless droplets, parts of the whole,

But ever Homeward to return.                                      United, yet individuals.

Class of '69 Cheer - Wha Doten Choo

Wha doten choo, Wha doten choo, Bodo Skaded daten

It spidle oten doten, Bodo Skadede daten, Wha doten choo

Itten diten little diten, It spidle oten doten, Bo do Skadede daten, Wha doten choo


'69 Class Officers & Class Sponsors

Class President            Howard White

Vice President              Pat Armstrong

Secretary                      Linda Williams

Parliamentarian            Greg Bennett

Treasurer                      Rita Holdren

Chaplain                       Debbie Morgan

Miss Debra Smith

Miss Donna O'Malley

Valedictorian              Laura Alsleben

Salutatorian                Debbie Jernigan

"Warriors Show Your Spirit" theme for Fall 1968 Football Homecoming - KHS VS NNHS

HomeComing Queen              Linda Williams - Escort - Chris Moore

Senior Attendant                     Linda Liechti - Escort - Mark Thornhill

Senior Attendant                     Penny Black - Escort - Craig Williams

Junior Attendant                     Cathy Hastings - Escort - Dale Dalin

Junior Attendant                     Diane Kilpatrick - Escort - Mark Buttles

Sophomore Attendant            Cindy Garwood - Escort - Bill Wampler

Sophomore Attendant            Diane Bryant - Escort - Ronnie Routten

'69 Basketball Homecoming Court - Kecoughtan VS Bethel

Queen                               Charlene Hamlin - Escort Willie Epps

Senior Attendant               Mary Wild - Escort Richard Routten

Junior Attendant                Linda Madsen - Escort Charlie Tyler

Sophomore Attendant       Janice Diggs - Escort Don Belbin


 "Enchanted Castle" - Theme for '69 Senior Prom - Band "Ben Dale & The Co-Ops"

Prom King & Queen - Alice Chaney & Paul Smith

"Look Homeward Angel" '69 Senior Play

Miss KHS 1969

Barbara Forrest - Barbara presented "Norwegian Concerto"

Class of '69 SUPERLATIVES!!!!!!

Best Dressed           Tonja Copley & Robert Newman

Most Courteous       Terry Powell & ?

Most Athletic            Gretchen Lingenfelser & Tommy West

Best All-Around        Linda Williams & Kenny Alligood

Most Popular            Linda Liechti & Pat Armstrong

Wittiest                     Charlotte Cann & John Casciano

Most Talented          Mary Wild & Tommy King

Friendliest                Penny Black & Ronnie Leonard

Best Citizen             Robin Stevens & Steve Richardson

Most Intelligent        Debbie Jernigan & Ed Brummal

Best Looking           Alice Chaney & Van Crosby

Most Spirited          Debbie Groome & Bill Manago

Neatest                   Mona Stough & Dale Dalin