Thomas Gear

Profile Updated: January 25, 2009
Class Year: 1968
Residing In: Hampton, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: janice (sigler) gear
Homepage: house of delegates
commonwealth of virginia
Occupation: great question
Children: ryan (1980) shannon (1973)
Military Service: National Guard  

signed contract with kc royals 2 weeks after graduation. joined national guard, married jan sigler (my high school enemy). worked at opn bank for a year, wrap radio 5 yrs., real estate 2 yrs., managed wtjz radio 1 yr. in 1980 i was diagnosed with ms. started gear-up printing in 1980 and sold it after 25 yrs. along with 2 partners bought a commercial bldg. in 1983 that we rented for bingo, dances, parties. bought my 2 partners out in '04 and just sold that bldg. in 4/2008. in 1998 elected to hpt. city council, served 3 yrs. in '01 elected to house of delegates, republican. currently serving. not sure how much longer, i think the people are getting fed up with me.

School Story:

tribal tales newspaper had a fundraiser, each student paid $1 to fill out a computer list of questions. the company then took everyone's answers submitted it in the computer and came back with 3 matches that you were most likely to be matched with. almost everyone in school signed up to find out what guy or girl would be their best match. well jan and i matched #1 on each other's list, both years. we were both shocked 'cause of our dislike for each other. i told everyone that computers were a joke, they would never be a "thing of the future". well after 38 years of marriage i think, not sure yet, i might have been wrong. jan and i are really opposite in many ways, if you remember us from khs, you know what i mean. 2nd story "the mary convery story". smith,eubank,wilson,others i can't remember and myself would go by mary's house on weekends and throw beer cans in her yard. this went on almost every weekend and her father would go nuts. he called the police more than once, but they couldn't catch the blue ford convertible fairlane. we would pull up and i would drop the top down and the cans would come flying out. mary do you still love us? she would get so mad at us it was unreal.

Biographical Sketch:

i dated jan for 9 months and we were married. she went to nursing school. she is and rn and works part time. i'm a delegate in the house of delegates in richmond. i was on city council for 3 years before i decided to run for delegate. i came home one night and told her i wanted to run and she said fine. well what she didn't know was we didn't live in the district. i was a democrat and the district is a very republican district. after a couple of days i finally told her that we were not in the district, we would have to move. i've been able to talk her into almost anything thru the years. she looked me in the eyes and said no, we don't have to move you do. i just laughed and said yea right. so i explained how we would move, where we could rent an apartment, when the election was over if i won we would buy a house in the district, if i lost we would move back. she said no, i'm not moving. i kept up the pressure for days and she would not give in. finally i moved in with a friend who was getting a divorce and rented a bedroom. i dropped out of the democrat party and joined the republicans. ran in the republican primary and won by 40 votes. yes, 40 votes even. jan hates politics and i hate nursing. i've won 3 elections since then 2 with challenges and one uncontested. she does not campaign with me and i'm lucky if i can get her to vote. i'm up for re-election this november and have a lawyer who is running against me. hopefully i will win. i can assure you when i'm out campaigning she will be working in the yard or helping with our twin granddaughters 2 1/2 yrs. old.

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Carole-Sue Stern Fiest has left an In Memory comment for Thomas Gear.
Jun 18, 2018 at 8:33 PM

I was as shocked by the news of Tommy's passing as those who commented above. I have memories that go as far back as my years in elementary school. My parents, Pat and Stan Stern, were best friends with Tommy's parents for years. They'd meet at the Gear's house for drinks, and complete silliness.  And even Christmas Eves. They'd have so much fun. The kids, (my brother Jeff, Cathy, who my Dad named "Mud-Cat," and Tommy), would munch on whatever snacks the adults would share. Sometimes, they'd drop us off at the Lee Movie Theatre, probably to get us out from under their feet. In fact, on one of those movie excursions, Tommy sat next to me, and then, he put his arm around me. I thought I'd die! I didn't know what to do. I was probably 12 or so. I felt so bad, and so guilty, that I confessed to my Mom, like I had committed a sin.

And then there were the numerous times we'd all go to watch the Post 48 Red Socks little league team in Phoebus that Daddy coached. In fact, if memory serves me right, Big Tommy coached too.Tommy was such an amazing, talented, baseball player even then.  And of course, he always played the All Stars game.

There are years of wonderful memories of Tommy, and his family. I regret that I did not keep in touch these last several years. He was a good guy, who accomplished so much more than I could have imagined as a young girl. His family and his friends are blessed to have had him near, and to have had the opportunity to share laughter, and love with Tommy. He is missed.

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Jun 17, 2018 at 8:33 PM
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Thomas Gear has a birthday today.
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Thomas Gear has a birthday today.
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Thomas Gear has a birthday today.
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