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This information was provided to Bonnie Bridger Mittelmaier on September 12, 2014 by Star Carwile Algermissen, sister of Billy Carwile through e-Mail.  We are very sorry to learn of this Classmate's passing, for the loss of the family, and are grateful to his sister, Star, for insuring that we are informed.

Deceased Classmate: Billy Carwile, 1968
Date Of Birth: 06-24-1948
Date Deceased: 09-18-2007
Age at Death: 59
Cause of Death: Killed by an 18 year old girl with a cell phone and a car
Classmate City: Fayetteville
Classmate State: NC
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: Yes Army
Survived By: Bonnie Beth Carwile, Wife Tamilyn Xan Thirkill, daughter Christopher Price Carwile, son Mother, Elva Carwile Sisters, Star Carwile Algermissen and Sandra G. Carwile

He was a Green Beret, retired. He fought in Viet Nam and was assigned to South and Central America as the A Team Leader with his Green Beret Unit. He graduated from Campbell University after he retired from the Army and was working with a company that built Army War Games to train the Green Beret. He was on his way to lunch with some Green Beret buddies on their Harley Davidson Motorcycles when a young girl was texting on her phone while driving and drove into his path. He could not avoid her and was catapulted off his bike into the street, broke his neck and died. Please people, don't text and drive.



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