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Gerald Godwin - Class Of 1968

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Bonnie Bridger (Mittelmaier) (1969)

From an e-mail sent to me, Bonnie, from Mike Annett, KHS '69, on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.  While I was unable to locate an obituary, based on this note, it looks like Jerry passed away over the weekend of April 16 - 17, 2011.  I think Mike's note reflects such a wonderful memory and tribute to this classmate.  Bonnie Bridger Mittelmaier


I don't know if you knew Jerry Godwin, but he died over the weekend-- 61 years old. He had asthma and emphysema for years. He was living in Phoenix, AZ. He was a regestered nurse and had been working in a hospice before his health took a down turn. If anyone knew anything about dying, he did.

 Just so you know, Jerry Godwin and Bruce Tingine, were the very first people that I befriended in my life in the winter of 1953-1954. I was 4-5 years old and mom had dressed me in a deep blue snowsuit that zipped up the front and had a red accent down both sides of the sleeves and sides down to the boots. Those two were very jealous and they gave me a good pelting with the snowballs to see if it were truly winterized. I gave as good as I got. And yes it was winterized because I didn't get wet but they did. I don't know what happened to Bruce. His dad was military. Need I say anything more. But Jerry and I were linked for life and his passing leaves me with a lament. There is a book in me about our adventures when we were children, growing into our teens and maturing into adults. He was married three times and has six children. The last two being twin girls who are twenty years old. I found out from his older sister, Sheila, that he died in his sleep. Shall we all be so lucky. 


Mike Annett 

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