Fallen Warriors

Mitchell Worden - Class Of 1969

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12/10/08 10:00 PM #1    

Jerry Quinn (1969)

Mitch lived five houses down the street from me on Clemwood Parkway. I remember the day we were all sitting in class and an announcement came over the loudspeaker that he had died as a result of his injuries in the famous car wreck. About all I remember hearing was that Ernie Koehler was in the car and I have forgotten who else.

07/30/19 06:05 PM #2    

Richard Tinsley Carpowich (1969)

07/31/19 04:33 PM #3    

Charles Leverett (1969)

Rick, I had forgotten you gave the eulogy at Mitch's funeral.  

Mitch was a good football player, a lot better than i was which isn't saying much.  He played LB behind me at DT.  You talk about enthusiasm and determination and leadership, that was Mitch.  It was 100% all the time.  I'll never foget him.  What a shock to hear he had been killed.

I don't know who all of Mitch's friends were.  I know he, you and myself hung out some.  If my memory is correct, you and I were pall bearers, but I can't remember who the others were.    Thanks for posting the eulogy.  I had completely forgotten about it.





07/31/19 09:24 PM #4    

Bonnie Bridger (Mittelmaier) (1969)

What a great tribute to Mitch!  I remember him and can't believe he has been gone all of these many years.  The eulogy shared here is so touching and even more impactful as we have the perspective of 50 years past those youthful days.  I am very moved to see this heartfelt, nostalgic, and unexpected reminder of a young boy/man who was our Classmate gone and who's memory lingers in the mists of time.  Thank you, Bonnie

10/30/19 06:59 PM #5    

Michael Annett (1969)

If memory serves me correctly ... it was Richard Norman who was in that car with Mitch Warden and Ernie Kohler many years ago

10/31/19 05:11 PM #6    

Paul Roe (1969)



That was a different accident. Richard, Ernie, and John Voss were the ones in an accident where Richard passed away. Mitch was not in that car accident.

11/01/19 01:36 AM #7    

Richard Tinsley Carpowich (1969)

Mitch was as engaged in music and Mr. Blackwell's KHS band as he was in Coach Green's Varsity football team. Steve Edmund, a Band Honor Society Member, was one of Mitch Worden's good friends. They shared a mutual love for music. Mitch and Steve were on a fishing trip to West Virginia during Spring Break. On their return trip the accident occurred on a Virgina mountain road. Mitch was transported to the University of Virginia hospital where he passed away from us and this world. God Bless our beloved friend and Warrior then, now, and forever. 

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